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Year 3 Flute

Year 3s are extremely lucky to be learning the flute this term with the BCP music teacher, Mrs Holland. For the duration of the 10 weeks, the children all have the opportunity to take a flute home to practise on. 

This covers many of the key skills areas from the National Curriculum, particularly the following attainment target:


'play and perform in solo and ensemble contexts, using their voices and playing musical instruments with increasing accuracy, fluency, control and expression '


This is what we have been learning each week:

Week 1

The children were all given their flutes. We spent some time using just the head of the flute, practising the correct technique for blowing and creating a sound. To help learn the correct method of tonguing, we played along with 'Baby Shark' - a good one to practise at home. Here is a video demonstrating the correct method, plus another video which shows how to correctly put the flute together.


Correct tonguing technique

Still image for this video

How to set up the flute

Still image for this video

Week 2

We revised all the skills we learnt and last week, and what an improvement in both classes! Many of the children are now able to make a sound as they have been practising their technique at home. Well done!

We learnt the note B today - here is a picture of the sheet you took home today (just in case you lost it), which shows the fingering for the note B.

Week 3

After revising all previous work, particularly focussing on being able to hold the flute correctly, the children today learnt a second note, A. Please see the fingering chart from Week 2 to remind yourselves how to play an A.

The tune that I left you to practise was:

B A A B - make sure you play each note for 2 beats. Challenge: Can you play the whole tune in one breath?

Week 5

Well done Year 3, we are really starting to see and hear some lovely playing now. You may still find it difficult (it is tricky), but don't give up! Be resilient!

This week we learnt the note 'G' (remember to look at the fingering chart).

This means we can play some familiar tunes.

One to practise at home is 'Old MacDonald'. Maybe ask someone else to sing:


Old MacDonald had a farm

Play: B B A A G

And on that farm he had some ..(pigs/cows/ducks)..

Play: B B A A G



You can use the notes B, A and G to play the well-known nursery rhyme 'Mary Had a Little Lamb'. Can you work out the order of the notes?

Or could you write out a melody on a stave using the notes B, A and G? We would love to see them.