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Writing is an integral part of the whole curriculum at Mudeford Junior School, from history to science to Geography and more.  Writing is not only an essential form of communication, but it can be an exciting outlet for children's curiosity and imagination. It is also no coincidence that the children who read a wide range of texts find writing easier. From their reading they learn how texts are structured, words are spelt, which sentences make sense and develop their ideas and imagination. In fact, writing is not only closely linked to reading but also speaking and listening –  where language development begins. This is exactly why our English units are planned around quality texts which model to, stimulate and inspire the children to create their own exciting writing.
At Mudeford Junior School, there is also a strong focus on the teaching of specific skills of spelling and grammar, especially in the lower school. Throughout the school, children will gain experience of the full writing process; including amending and improving their work against a success criteria (see Assessment for Learning Section under Curriculum). The children are taught the features and layouts of a full range of writing types - both fiction and non-fiction. To inspire and excite the children, a significant amount of the extended writing we do at school is linked to other curriculum areas, such as topics. We find that the best way to get the children to write successful texts is to ensure that they are interested in what they are writing about. Because of this, a wide range of strategies are used to catch the children’s interest: including video clips, interactive resources and drama.