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Mudeford Junior School Staff List 2019/2020




Mr M Partridge Head Teacher    
Mr L Goodlet Assistant Headteacher (Upper Junior Team Leader) & Year 6 Teacher 6GT Teacher Maths, Website & Assessment Leader
Mrs L Crutchley Assistant Headteacher (Lower Junior Team Leader) & Year 3 Class Teacher (Job Share) 3BC Teacher Special Educational Needs (SEND) & Inclusion Leader
Miss S McKinley Year 4 Class Teacher (Job Share) & Member of Senior Leadership Team (Lower Junior Team Leader) 4MW
PSHE & Wellbeing Leader
Mrs K Miller Year 6 Class Teacher 6MR
English & Gifted and Talented Leader
Mrs J Donaldson Year 5 Class Teacher (Job Share) 5AD
History and Geography Leader
Miss N Armstrong Year 5 Class teacher (Job Share)



PE & Sport Leader
Mrs E Scott-Thomas Year 5 Class Teacher 5ST Teacher  RE, and SMSC (including British Values) Leader
Miss N Touchin Year 4 Class Teacher 4TN
DT Leader
Mrs J White Year 4 Class Teacher (Job Share) 4MW
Science Leader
Mrs R Burton

Year 3 Class Teacher (Job Share)

Computing & IT Network Leader
Miss G Egan Year 3 Class Teacher 3EN Teacher       Art & School Council Leader
Mrs E Skorge

Music & Languages Teacher


Music & Modern Foreign Languages Leader

Mrs R Power Cover Teacher    


Teaching Assistants


Mrs J Scott Class 3EN
Mrs S Stubbington Class 3BC
Miss J Flynn Classes 3EN & 4TN
Mrs J Smith Class 4MW
Mrs L Till Class 4MW
Mrs D Viney Class 4MW
Mrs Lock 4TN (HLTA)
Mrs C Page Class 5ST

Mrs K Dluzewski

Class 5AD
Mrs S Lane Class 5AD
Mrs R Nash Class 6GT
Mrs J Lillington Class 6MR (HLTA)
Mrs E Shepherd HLTA


Office and Site Staff


Mrs G Mayer Finance Officer
Mrs J Emmett Office Administrator
Mr J Allen Caretaker
Mrs C Rickman Cleaner
Miss S Barlow Cleaner

Lunchtime Staff


Mrs J Emmett Senior Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs C Rickman Lunchtime Supervisor (LJ)
Mrs J Smith Lunchtime Supervisor (LJ)
Miss A Stuart Lunchtime Supervisor (LJ)
Mrs S Lane Lunchtime Supervisor (UJ)
Mrs K Dluzewski Lunchtime Supervisor (UJ)
Miss C White Lunchtime Supervisor (LJ)
Miss S Barlow Lunchtime Supervisor (LJ)
Mrs H Wills Lunchtime Supervisor (UJ)
Miss J Derham Lunchtime Supervisor (LJ)

School Governors


Mr T Page           Computing & Sex and Relationship Monitor Chair of Governors, Chair of Curriculum and Strategic Group. Co-opted Governor

Mrs K Smith

SEN & Child Protection Monitor Deputy Chair of Governors. Parent Governor
Mrs J Emmett Mathematics Monitor              Chair of Environment. Co-opted Governor

Mrs D Rann

Languages & Humanities Monitor Chair of Finance & Local Authority Governor
Mrs J Milligan PE, PSHE & Wellbeing Monitor  Co-opted Governor
Mr M Partridge Head Teacher Staff Governor

Mrs R Nash

Science Monitor                     Staff Governor
Mrs C Bean Music Monitor                       Co-opted Governor
Mrs W Pickard     English & Art Monitor Parent Governor
Mr P van Wingerden DT Monitor Parent Governor