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Week 8 (Week beginning 1st June)


This week, we would like you to revise spelling contractions. Try to complete Task 1 and 2 first then if you would like to, there is a wordsearch and a matching activity for you to print and complete as extra. 


Continue to practise your personal spellings from the Year 3 and 4 word list. You could use activities such as rainbow write, pyramid writing or choo choo words to practise them. 


It is important to keep practising your beautiful cursive handwriting that you have all worked so hard to achieve whilst in Year 3. Remember to form each letter accurately, keeping them the same size. Practise using the handwriting sheets below. They include the spellings from the Year 3 and 4 word list. Remember you don't have to complete all the sheets in one go. 

***Please feel free to do the amount which suits your child from each group section. We do not expect you to complete everything in all sections as this will be too much. We are aware that the number of tasks which children wish to/are able to complete will vary.

Christchurch Schools First Ever Inter school competition

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Try some of these activities from the National Academy.

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or on the BBC Bitesize website and then click on year 3.