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Week 6 (Week Beginning 11th May)

Don't forget that as well as our activities, you can also find lots of great online learning at Follow the link and click on Year 4.

Also, BBC Bitesize Home Learning has lots of great activities that you could complete if you wanted to. 


One of the children recommended this website to us. It does look great and she has certainly had fun using it! Perhaps you could take a look too.

Have a look at the Year 3/4 Spelling sheets. Choose 1 or 2 sheets each week to help you revise or learn the Year 3/4 Spelling Words. Remember to use your best handwriting!


Choose another 6 personal spelling words this week to focus on. These can be chosen from the Year 3/4 List or the Year 5/6 List. Play Spelling Baseball. Set up 6 bases in your house or garden. The pitcher calls out one of your spelling words. If you get it right, you move on to the next base. You earn 1 point every time you pass home!