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Week 5 (Week Beginning 4th May)

Don't forget that as well as our activities, you can also find lots of great online learning at Follow the link and click on Year 4.

Also, BBC Bitesize Home Learning has lots of great activities that you could complete if you wanted to. 

Choose 6 words from the Year 3/4 or 5/6 word list. Use Hopscotch Words to help you learn them. Make a hopscotch outdoors using chalk and write one letter of your spelling word in each box. Hop out your spellings! You could do the same thing indoors with each letter written on a piece of paper. Have fun!
Please have a look at the Maths Activities Information sheet before you start this week's activities. It gives you the suggested order to do the activities, which will support your learning. Have fun and remember to just to do what you feel you can.
We hope you have been continuing to learn your times tables facts at home! They are so important and so to help you continue this practice, you will find a selection of sheets to help you learn each times table fact. Perhaps you could try a couple of sheets each week and time yourself and then try to beat your score.

Every week, The Premier League are setting education-linked challenges that are a great way for you and your family to get involved in fun football-related activities that will inspire and engage.


Why not have a go at this week’s letter writing challenge? Show The Premier League your completed work on Twitter at @PLCommunities using #PLPrimaryStars or drop them an email at They will feature some of the best on their Premier League Primary Stars community page and on


Remember to stay safe online - only include the young person's first name and age on their pictures, posts and correspondence with them. 


If you complete this challenge we would love to hear from you - email us and let us know and show us your work! Email us on: