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Role of the Eco Team

Education for sustainability is essential, as the Government has set a target for all schools to be sustainable by 2020.
The Eco-Team is a group of children from all year groups, along with adult representatives, who take the lead in helping to educate our school and local community about environmental issues and sustainability. The team participates in a number of campaigns and projects and they regularly feed back to the community. The team aims to get everyone involved in these projects and ensure that everyone understands the importance of their actions.
Many of our campaigns have centred on the theme of ‘Energy’ and as a result of this work we saw an improvement  in our Energy Efficiency Rating. We have for example an annual Switch Off Fortnight, where the Eco-Team carry out surveys to see how many lights/electrical items are left on unnecessarily. They then get everyone involved in remembering to turn these off when they are not needed, through various activities and assemblies. We also have Light Monitors who check teaching rooms every break time and keep a check on offending rooms!  
Children volunteer themselves to be on the Eco-Team, and as part of this, they attend Eco-Club on Mondays.
Mudeford Juniors is a Rights Respecting School and the Eco-Team links very closely with this, encouraging children to be pro-active in improving out environment.