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Projects and Achievements 2014 and 2015

School Council Projects 2014 and 2015

The School Council have been working on their new playtime equipment project. Initially the children of the school shared their ideas during school class council sessions. The council then invited three companies to draw up designs for them. Discussion took place and a winning design was chosen by the School Council.


Our latest project has been an addition to the play equipment outside! We were asked by the PTA what we would like to spend the money raised at the Christmas Fair on. After much deliberation in class council meetings, the school councillors met with Sarah Cole from the PTA to discuss all of the children's ideas. We decided to make the quiet areas a more interesting place by introducing some fixed panel games on both the Lower Junior and Upper Junior sites. We met with 3 companies, heard all of their ideas and worked out what we could afford! the equipment was fitted during the summer of 2015. We are so pleased with the results and the children are loving using them.


The Friends of the school have created these opportunities with School Council for all of the children to enjoy.