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Other home learning tasks - Including the National Academy and BBC Bitesize

The BBC have launched Bitesize Daily Lessons focusing on one English lesson, one maths lesson and one foundation subject lesson each day. If you look at the pdf document above it shows the weekly timetable for each subject that you can follow and complete in your Home Learning Book if you can.


These are in line with the National Curriculum for Year 6 and cover all the objectives that we have been focusing on this year or are due to look at.


Follow the link and choose Year 6.



The Government have commissioned the National Academy to produce daily lessons for English, maths and foundation subject - in line with the Year 6 National Curriculum.


If you look at the pdf document above, it includes the timetable for the whole week - the lessons for science have a focus on fossils and chemical changes; humanities focuses on World War One; and Spanish looks at the alphabet and numbers. Here is the link


If possible, complete any of the activities in your Home Learning Book.


Every week, The Premier League are setting education-linked challenges that are a great way for you and your family to get involved in fun football-related activities that will inspire and engage.


Why not have a go at this week’s drawing challenge? Show The Premier League your completed work on Twitter at @PLCommunities using #PLPrimaryStars or drop them an email at They will feature some of the best on their Premier League Primary Stars community page and on


You can find the link here


Remember to stay safe online - only include the young person's first name and age on their pictures, posts and correspondence with them. 



The final website for extra home learning for English, maths and all the foundation subjects has links to any home learning website that have been set-up. There are a lot of them out there so the best thing to do is probably focus on a subject you are interested in and then look through the different links and see what takes your fancy.


The website has been set-up by Cambridgeshire County Council and the link to it is here


Mrs White has set-up a whole-school science challenge for each year group. Have a look at the pdf document above and give the Year 6 challenge a go.