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November 2016 Year 5 Mathematics Challenge Winners

On Tuesday 4 November four Year 5 children attended the Year 5 Mathematics Challenge hosted by Douglas Buchanan at the Bournemouth Collegiate School. Over twenty schools were in attendance.The four children in attendance were Ken, Scott, Lawrence and Adam. They went into two separate leagues working in pairs - the Nonagons league and the Hexagons league.

The children worked through seven problems during an eight minute period at each station. The activities during the event involved work with: dominoes, shopping lists, ordering playing cards, broken calculators, timetables, tangrams and a final round where all the children participated in a multiple choice quiz involving 10 questions.

The boys really enjoyed the event and did excellently in the competition. The Nonagons pair won the event quite comprehensively and the Hexagons pair  came a very respectable sixth place.

Well done to the four boys!!!

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