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Bling Your Bike

Dear Parent/Carer,

Now that Mudeford Junior School is part of Sustrans Bike It, we want to encourage as many children to cycle to school as possible. Cycling to school is healthy, good for the environment, cheap, it means there will be fewer cars at the school gates and above all, it is great fun!

To make cycling to school even more fun, we are having a ‘Bling Your Bike’ day on

Thursday 5th July when we would like to encourage all children to cycle to school, and to decorate their bikes to celebrate the London 2012 Games.

There are lots of things you can use to decorate your bikes; bright or reflective materials, painted cardboard, streamers, pipe cleaners around the spokes, the possibilities are endless. Please though, make sure your decorations don’t get in the way of the controls or moving parts of the bike.

Also on the same day, we will have a bike powered smoothie maker so that the children can pedal away to create their own healthy fruity drinks in the afternoon.

Thank you for your help with this fun day. I look forward to seeing what your children can create!

Kind regards,

Mrs Rippon                                                      Jonathan Dixon 
                                                               Sustrans Bike It officer



Bike It presents - Bling Your Bike – 5th July 2012