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There are 2 focus tasks for Maths this week:

- Complete the White Rose Maths (see information and link below)

- Try the Arithmetic Test (attached below - including answer page


We hope you are now into the flow of things and are understanding how the maths home learning is working. 


Please click on the link which takes you to the White Rose Maths Website and Summer Term Week 4.   From this week, the White Rose Website has changed slightly and all you will be able to access are the videos.   Don’t worry, as we have saved the sheets and the answers below. 


We would like you to watch the video, then go back to our Year 5 page and complete the task sheets in your home learning book – you can print the sheets off if you wish or simply write the question number and the answer alongside any working out in your Home Learning Book. The sheets still follow the similar school structure of Fluency, Reasoning and Problem Solving.    



This week, the lessons have a new focus on FRACTIONS  There are 4 lessons in total with a Friday Challenge, but you can begin to attempt lessons 1 to 3, or have a go at all 4 and the Challenge.



Once complete, click on the answer sheet and mark your work.

The BBC have now commissioned a home-learning section for each year group and they have 5 maths lessons for the week. The lessons follow a similar structure to the White Rose tasks above - a video to watch and learn from, then some reading to learn from and then some game-style activities to practice on. The timetable for the week is as follows: 1) Area Model / Grid Method of Multiplication 2) Multiplication using the formal method up to 4 digits x 2 digits 3) Measure and calculate perimeter 5) Bank Holiday.  The link to the site is here



Another website that has been set-up by the Government is the National Academy. They will have a series of maths lessons for the week that will have a focus on measures:

● Convert between miles and km  ● Convert between g and kg ● Convert units of mass ● convert between pounds and kilograms ● Apply measures and conversions in context

Each lesson starts with a quiz, followed by a video (Just like the White Rose) then an independent learning activity so if you feel like trying these then complete them in your Home Learning Book. The website link is here


During the week, a particular favourite mathematician of ours - Gareth Metcalfe - adds a new reasoning and problem solving lesson every morning at around 9am at Feel free to give this a try too. He has included all the previous lessons on the website.


If you have completed all the other tasks and would like to attempt more maths, another website that will be of use is If you scroll down to the Year 5 area there are booklets for children and guidance packs for parents. The packs are supposed to last for 4 weeks at a don't try to complete it all in one go.