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We hope you were able to work through last week's White Rose Maths and that you understood what to do. Remember to keep everything in your Home Learning Book.


Please click on the link which takes you to the White Rose Maths Website.   


This week, the lessons focus on revisiting Fractions, Decimals and Percentages. There are 5 lessons in total, but you can begin to attempt lessons 1 to 3, or have a go at all 5 over the course of the week.


NOTE: If you didn't finish all of last week's lessons, start your maths learning this week from where you had got up to.


Remember to first watch the 5 minute teaching video. Then click on the worksheet and give it a go in your Home Learning Book. The sheets follow the similar school structure of Fluency, Reasoning and Problem Solving.    


Once complete, click on the answer sheet and mark your work.


During the week, a particular favourite mathematician of Mr Goodlet's and Mrs Scott-Thomas' - Gareth Metcalfe - adds a new reasoning and problem solving lesson every morning at around 9am at Feel free to give this a try too.


If you have completed all the other tasks and would like to attempt more maths, another website that will be of use is If you scroll down to the Year 5 area there are booklets for children and guidance packs for parents. The packs are supposed to last for 4 weeks at a don't try to complete it all in one go.