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English at Mudeford Junior School


Here you will find information on how English is taught at Mudeford Junior School. At Mudeford Junior School, we believe that children should have access to a full, stimulating, well-structured curriculum. We aim for all children to develop their ability to communicate effectively in speech and writing whilst they learn to read and listen with understanding. The children’s literacy skills are developed within an integrated programme of speaking and listening, reading and writing, and then extended throughout all other curriculum areas.

The Primary Curriculum and the Teaching of English at Mudeford Junior School.

 ‘Teachers should develop pupils’ spoken language, reading, writing and vocabulary as integral aspects of the teaching of every subject. English is both a subject in its own right and the medium for teaching; for pupils, understanding the language provides access to the whole curriculum.’

2014 Primary National Curriculum in England
The Primary National Curriculum expects that children are learning the skills of spoken language, reading and writing including spelling with an emphasis also on the teaching of vocabulary, grammar and punctuation.
The 2014 National Curriculum in England states:
‘The grammar of our first language is learnt naturally and implicitly through interactions with other speakers and from reading. Explicit knowledge of grammar is, however, very important, as it gives us more conscious control and choice in our language. Building this knowledge is best achieved through a focus on grammar within the teaching of reading, writing and speaking.’ (See Progression of Vocabulary, Grammar and Punctuation Skills taught at Mudeford Junior School Document Below.)

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