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This week's English home learning is linked to significant people of the Victorian Era.

The reading activity is an extract from a Sherlock Holmes story. Before you complete the activity, read the background information below.



If you want a challenge, here are some inference and vocabulary questions based on the same text.


Your writing this week will be based on research about Victorian inventions and inventors.

We have included a grammar reminder sheet (just to read) about semi-colons, colons and dashes as you can try and use them in your writing.


Below are some websites that could be useful. You can also use your search engine and type in the name of the inventions or inventors that you are trying to research.

There is also a quiz at the end you might like to try when you have learnt more about inventions.



Dr Watson and Sherlock Holmes spoke using very formal language - as did Queen Victoria!

They sometimes use something called the SUBJUNCTIVE MOOD.

There is a powerpoint that explains about the subjunctive mood but if you are unable to watch it on your device just remember, when you complete the worksheet, the MOST FORMAL sentence is the subjunctive mood. Write the correct sentence in your book. The answers are at the bottom of the page - try yourself before marking! 


Pobble 365 : Lots of great English activities to choose from if you want to. Have a look at the activities on this website. They are all based around a lovely colourful image.Each day there is a new photo with new activities to try. There are quite a few linked to each picture so don't feel you have to do all of them. You could even read the story starters and dicuss the answers to the questions with someone.