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Community Cohesion Week 2011

During the week commencing Monday 17th October, the children participated in a community cohesion week. The focus was on our local community.

Year 3 focused on the elderly people in our community and have begun to forge strong links with some elderly residents and gained a much better understanding of what it means to be elderly.

Year 4 looked at the diverse range of cultures in our school community as well as the local community.
They found that there are children in Year 4 with close links to many countries including India, Bangladesh, Italy, Greece, France, Korea, New Zealand, Germany, Australia and China.

The children in the Lower Juniors were lucky enough to engage with several visitors who shared aspects of their lives and cultures. 

The pictures on this page show some of the activities in which they were engaged , the visitors who came into school and some art work, from a variety of cultures, undertaken by the children .

Gallery - please click to view

Mia-Lou shows us her diva lamp
Jordan enjoyed making his diva lamp too
Diva lamps are used in the HIndu festival, Divali
A close up of climbing butterflies
Children in India make and play with these
Mrs Cook tells us all about New Zealand