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Year 4 are lucky to be receiving whole class Ukulele tuition under the Musicianship Programme this term. They are brilliant at learning the Ukulele, here is what they have done so far:

Week 1:

* Ukulele has 4 strings: Gorillas Can Eat Anything G C E A

* Remember to hold the neck with your left hand

* When you strum, your thumb should be over the sound hole


Don't forget to practise at home; why not use the tracks below and play-along with the Stringalong Rag or That Thumb Brush Strum.

Stringalong Rag

That Thumb Brush Strum

Week 2:

This week we learnt the C major chord.

You need to place your third finger, in the third space on the A string. Below is a recording of Freres Jacques to play along with. Remember to press that A strong down firmly to get the best sound.

Freres Jacques

Week 3:

This week we learnt the F major chord.

For this you need to use two fingers, 1 and 2. Finger 1 goes on the E string in the first space; finger 2 goes on the G string in the second space. Like the diagram below:

We also learnt to play a song written by one of the boys in the class, Oscar. Great job! Here it is:

Week 4

We have been mastering our C and F chords this week, and learning to transition between them. We have strummed along to the following familiar song.


Pizza Hut

F                F

A pizza hut, a pizza hut,

C                                                  F

Kentucky fried chicken and a pizza hut     Repeat verse x2


F                    F

McDonalds, McDonalds

C                                                  F

Kentucky fried chicken and a pizza hut     Repeat verse x2

Week 5

This week we have been consolidating our learning so far, making sure that we have our skills secure ready to practise over the half term break.

We did quickly look at the G7 chord.




Shortnin' Bread

Week 6

This week we practised all 3 of the chords that we have learnt, and focussed on the transition between F major and C major. Remember to try to make up your own little tune to help you practise this change.

Then we wrote a new song linked to our Year Group topic of the Romans. Below is 4TN's Romans' song.

Week 7

We practised everything today ready for our concert to the parents on Wednesday 20th March at 10.50am. Some brave volunteers took turns to play as small solo groups and were awesome!

We also learnt a new piece in the 'Blues style'. The class was split into 3 groups and given a chord to play. Some children managed to play the whole piece, changing between the 3 chords - well done!


Playing the Blues