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September Challenge

 This is a Logic Maths Challenge that you may have seen in class before and can be played by anybody, although it may get you pulling your hair out!!

It is the challenge based on green frogs facing right and brown frogs facing left. You can start the challenge using 2 of each frog, but I'm interested to see if you can complete the challenge using 3 of each or even 4.

A frog or toad can jump over one other creature onto an empty lilypad or it can slide onto an empty lilypad which is immediately next to it.  Only one creature, at a time, is allowed on each lilypad.
Now the idea is for the frogs and toads to change places.  So, the frogs will end up on the side where the toads started and the toads will end up where the frogs began.

The challenge is to do this in as few slides and jumps as possible.  You could use the interactivity below to help you try out your ideas.
To move a frog or toad, click on it.  If it is not able to jump or slide, it won't move. The toads and frogs in the interactivity only move in the direction they are facing.

Click here to have a go on the NRICH website and use the interactive programme at the bottom.

Can you complete the challenge??

Mr Goodlet