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At Mudeford Junior School, we have a strong pupil voice which is represented by our elected school councillors. These are a few things that the School Council members have to say....


My Favourite part as a school councillor was when we represented our school at Waitrose in Christchurch and helped lots of people choose fairtrade as we are a fairtrade school after all - Jessica Harris Year 5


I wanted to be a school councillor because I wanted to help everyone have a say in all matter affecting them. Also, to make the school a better place and help everyone to have a better education - Logan Smith Year 4


I wanted to be a school councillor because I wanted to be kind and listen to others - Sophie Jauns Year 3


I like being a school councillor because I can help people and see a big smile on their faces - Ruby Brewer Year 3


I wanted to be a school councillor because I wanted to let you have your say in the things we do as we are a rights respecting school. I wanted to make the school a better place - Theo Armour Year 4


In 4 years as a school council member, I have partnered different people who all bring something different to the table. The best bit is seeing us all work in harmony. Anyone can stand as a class representative - Adam Brocklesby Year 6



School Council 2015-2016

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School Council

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Mudeford Junior School Council was first set up in October 2004 and since that date our children have worked hard to maintain a very effective council where all children in school have a chance to be heard through the class councils.

Every year two councillors are elected by their peers to represent their class. They wear their badges with pride and stand out as role models in the school. Councillors can be identified by their photos on the notice board in the school hall. You can also find the minutes of the latest minute and any projects we are currently working on.

A chairperson and secretary are elected at the first meeting and then take responsibility for running the meetings alongside Miss McKinley, who helps out. Daniella is this year's Chairperson and Jade and Clara takes responsibility for keeping the minutes and any actions.

Mudeford Junior School is a Level 2 Rights Respecting School which promotes the Rights of the Child. the School Council gives all the children at Mudeford Junior School a voice.

For more information on RRS click here

To view the UNCRC Convention click here

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