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November Challenge

 Welcome to the Monthly Challenges Page - NOVEMBER

Another maths challenge this month. You know how much I enjoy maths 

This challenge one has been taken from the Nrich Maths website and a larger version of the below game can be found here in pdf format.  

The idea of the game is to get from START to END in the fewest jumps as possible, but you must stick to the rules.

You must follow direction of the arrows. Each square of the game is split into two and you can decide which number to use to either move forward or backwards. For example, if you land on a square that has 3 and 4 on it you can decide to move forwards 3 or backwards 3, or forwards 4 or backwards 4. If the next sqaure has a 0 and 2 on it then you can only move forwards or backwards 2. However, if a square has 0 and 0 on it then you cannot move and the game is over - you will need to start the game again. 

So you start on the green start square and can move forwards 1 or forwards 3. Then you must make your way round the squares in the fewest number of moves and land on the END square (not past it). You will need to work systematically by looking ahead to decide which squares are best to land on and make a note of how many moves it takes you. 

The fewest recorded amount of jumps is 11 - can you beat that?!

Can you complete the challenge??

Mr Goodlet