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January Challenge

 Welcome to the Monthly Challenges Page - JANUARY

After a taking a break during the Christmas month, the monthly challenge is back for January.

The chequered floor challenge. I really like this challenge. I have known some children to do it very quickly and others to have taken for what seems a lifetime. See how long it takes you. 

If someone stood in the top left corner of a 5x5 dimensioned room and walked clockwise around the outside edge, they would step on 8 grey tiles in total. If they walked clockwise around the outside edge of a larger squared room, with the same chequered tile floor design, and stood on 148 grey tiles in total, what are the dimensions of the room? Below is an example of the 5x5 dimensioned room.

You need to think about your starting point and from this are you able to spot any patterns that will assist you finding the answer. That is my only tip I'm afraid!

Can you complete the challenge??

Mr Goodlet